3-Story Cat Tower Kitten Cat Tree

3-Story Cat Tower Kitten Cat Tree

3-Story Cat Tower Kitten Cat Tree

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3-Story Cat Tower Kitten Cat Tree
Are you looking for a cat tree to make a great pet activity tower for your cats to enjoy, hide and play? Our 3-Story Cat Tower Kitten Cat Tree offers countless chances for your cats to climb, scratch, and rest, with several levels of climbing platforms to keep your pet entertained and active.
3-Story Cat Tower Kitten Cat Tree


Durable - The cat tree is made of thick particleboard with a faux fleece cover, it has a strong bearing capacity. Heavy-duty construction keeps it long enough for your pet to play for years to come.

Easy To Assemble - Our pet tower cat tree is easy to install and includes all the required accessories and equipment. You can easily assemble the item using the simple and easy-to-understand manual.

Design - Our cat tower is the ultimate pet furniture for your loved cats. Its styling is beautifully shaped like a beautiful cylinder. So that your precious kitty will play, crawl and even roll in the pit.

3-Story Cat Tower Kitten Cat Tree

Package Content

1x 3-Story Cat Tower Kitten Cat Tree


Weight: 14lbs
Max. Capacity: 50lbs
Diameter Of Inner Hole: 6.8"
Material: Sisal + Plush + MDF
Diameter Of Each Opening: 6.7"
Overall Dimensions: 14"×27.5" (DxH)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

my cat is generally wary of things but she took to this tower right away. She started scratching the tower immediately as she loves the sisal that covers the outside and then jumped on top to sleep in the bed.
I love that.
Most beds at the top of towers are permanently attached so this one being removable is fantastic when it needs cleaning. It's also really wide so she can stretch out on top and inside the tower too. The inside of the tower is lined which is nice and the tower entrances have a soft fur lining too.
My only issue is that I wish my cat could access all three levels from the inside but the top level is one solid piece so you can only get in there through the outside.
I also think the wood material used to make the tower might be a bit thin. I worry about the durability in the long run.
Mostly though, it's a fantastic tower, better than others I've bought and at a great price point. Most importantly though, my cat loves it and she's stopped sharpening her claws on the sofa!


I don't mind paying more for good quality so I am 100% happy with this purchase. This cat condo is large (actually huge, similar to the size of one of those big garbage cans for yard waste) and heavy duty and should suit larger cats very well. I have a Domestic Shorthair kitten about 3 months old and I was worried at first that it is too tall for him, but since the whole thing is wrapped in sisal carpet he has no issue getting into any of the openings and to the top, although he does need a running start since I trim his nails and the sisal carpet offers a little less bite than sisal rope does. The staggered entrance holes are great since they allow allow the cat a straight path up without other holes getting in the way. The interior walls are carpeted as well in a very short non-pile type of carpet, sort of like speaker boxes for cars. The interior shelves have a softer felt type covering on them. The undersides of the shelf are not carpeted and the raw mdf is showing. The only thing I wish this condo had is a short shelf ring on the way top where the pillow is. The top is just flat with velcro to hold the pillow bed in place and is unfinished. I would have liked a finished top and then I could add my own bed. This really isn't too big of a deal though, and I still love the product. I don't understand why this product does not have more reviews, probably the price throws people off, but it is worth it when considering how long it will last and how much the cats will use it.


I purchased this to give one of my cats a place to rest near me while I was on the couch. The couch isn't big enough for cats + me (it can take one cat and myself, presuming I have not put other items on it).

This scratching post has been great for getting my cats to stop scratching at the couch. I put it right next to the couch, it's the same siseral cord of the other cat trees, so my cats immediately knew it was for their claws. Since putting this next to the couch, the clawing of the couch has gone down 90%. I often find various different cats napping in the top of the tower as well, which is nice. They're able to be by me, I'm able to be by them, and neither of us is disturbing the other (I usually knit at the couch; which all of my cats have been trained not to bother yarn, but they have not quite yet learned not to bother charging cables for my phone/electronics).

This works so well, I am likely to purchase additional cat trees like this as I increase the amount of furniture I have in that room.


Came very nicely packaged! No assembly required. It was bigger than I expected. It's lightweight, yet sturdy. Has good odor and is very soft to the touch. I like that the top is removable. My cat is very picky and highly skeptical of new things, but she immediately showed interest in the hanging ball and after a few treats she got comfy on the lower condo.


Three sweet kittens have adopted us. They are small but rambunctious and had quite a challenge climbing to the top when we first got this....meaning that they would climb, swing, tumble, catch themselves, hang on for dear life then repeat - never a wobble! As they've grown they jump, tackle, wrestle and attack - still no wobble. They are not going to be really large cats so the top, removable plush cushion cradles them like 3 precious sausages . Soon they will be really squashed to lay together - but knowing cats.......... I may actually buy another one ...or two as they become fully grown so their condos will all be on the same level. The ONLY less than ideal is the suspended balls at each entrance, two were removed the first day but I plan to reattach with leather strips this time.

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