3D Hand Print Foot Casting Keepsake Kit

3D Hand Print Foot Casting Keepsake Kit

3D Hand Print Foot Casting Keepsake Kit

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3D Hand Print Foot Casting Keepsake Kit
Are you looking for a casting kit that captures every delicate detail of your hand, making a personal souvenir that you will treasure for a lifetime? Our 3D Hand Print Foot Casting Keepsake Kit lets you make your own hand statuette at home, perfect for your friends, relatives, and loved ones.

3D Hand Print Foot Casting Keepsake Kit


Safe To Use - Made with natural ingredients that are safe for all, including the delicate skin of a baby. 

Multifunctional - Our casting keepsake kit is the ultimate hand casting kit for couples, families, children, babies and even pet. Good for celebrations such as graduation, birthday, marriage, engagement, or baby shower presents.

High Quality - The white casting material is detailed enough to capture even the slightest details on your palm, from wrinkles to birthmarks. 

3D Hand Print Foot Casting Keepsake Kit

Package Content

1x Plastic Molding Bucket 
1x Molding Powder 
1x Casting Stone 
1x Fine Sandpaper 
1x Coarse Sandpaper 
1x Demolding Stick 
1x Stirring Stick 

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Customer Reviews

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I have never been this excited to leave a review! I have a 7 year old, 3 year old, and a 1 year old. I know this is meant for babies under the age of 9 months, but I was a little slow to come across this product. And besides, I'm glad I now have one whole piece with all 3 of my children. It was a little tricky cause I had to use more product since my 2 girls have larger feet, and my son is at that age where he won't stay still. I made them without any help holding down my son. Getting the hand done was impossible. I had to throw it away because he fought me hard lol! You have to move quickly, cause the mould dries fast once it's mixed. I also used my own containers since the ones provided aren't meant for kids my age. Also, since my kids touched the sides while doing the mould, I had A LOT of touching up to do, to make it look natural. All in all, I'm in love with the outcome! Be sure it is completely dry before painting. I finished them off with an acrylic gloss spray.


I purchased this right after my son was born. I became obsessed with his precious little hands and feet (and yes, even booty!). I decided it would be really neat to capture his tiny hands and feet since he will grow so fast and I found the Luna Bean casting kit. I was skeptical since my son is now over two months old and pretty squirmy. The first time we tried his foot he was awake, and NOT having it. Surprisingly the cast still turned out amazing and he was moving up until the last second the mold solidified. The second foot I decided to try and breastfeed him while my mother got the mold of his foot, this worked better but he was enjoying the texture and consistency of the material so he kept lifting his toes up to the surface until it solidified, again and surprisingly, it came out fantastic. We chose to try both of his hands when he was in a deep sleep which I recommend if you can get them in the right position for that. He was still somewhat enjoying the feel of the liquid so he moved a bit. The one hand he had curled into a fist so when I filled it with the casting material it could not curl up and fill the finger so it looks like his finger is sunken in but that’s the not the kits fault and it still looks pretty good. On top of that, he had his pinky out and I wasn’t delicate enough when peeling away the mold so I ended up breaking the pinky off but that can be glued back on. We have yet to do the butt and extra castings but overall I am absolutely impressed with the results and it was amazing to see the detail it captured. I mean, it got all the little lines in his hands and feet. I’m so glad I did this. The kit was super easy to follow and execute, the most difficult part was my son moving like crazy, even so, the kit was super forgiving of that. We got almost perfect casts on the first try so we get to have extras to give to the grandparents.


Awesome Kit! Exactly what I was looking for... Makes beautiful, detailed casts of hands, feet, etc. Very detailed instructions and the kit comes with EVERYTHING- even containers to do the castings and sandpaper, pins, and paint brushes for touch up!! Did a hand and a foot on a wiggly 3 month old and they are both beautiful. Very special keepsake! Highly recommend. Worth every penny!


Love it!!
I messed up the first time, because I thought the mold for the mixture was too liquified but as soon as I pulled my babys foot out it hardened
I tried again and came out perfect,
It really does take 2 adults to do this project, plus its impossible if your baby is not calm and wiggling too much,
My baby will be 8 months next week, I kinda wish I had done it when he was younger and didn't wiggle around as much
The kit comes with enough molding and casting material to try again


This was really fun and easy to use. They give you everything to make your little memory pieces. There was enough mix to make both hands, both feet, the but print and still have some extra mix. It was super easy to use. You do need to be prepared and work quick once you mix the molding mix because it does start to set quickly. I would suggest having a second person to help you so that one can hold baby while the other holds and deals with the mold. If you don't have someone to work with you then you're going to want to be holding baby in your lap ready to go when you start mixing the mold. Finished pieces came out nice with excellent details!

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