70W Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

70W Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

70W Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

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70W Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner
Are you looking for an ultrasonic cleaner that offers advanced cleaning efficiency and protects items from being oxidized or damaged? Our 70W Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner creates powerful to gentle impacts to penetrate blind openings, gaps and recesses to fully clean and remove stains from your jewelry.

70W Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner


Easy To Operate - The ultrasonic jewellery cleaning unit shuts off automatically after it reaches the pre-set time. This cleaner machine works with a digital display making the ultrasonic cleaner incredibly easy to operate.

Portable - This ultrasonic cleaner is portable and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Suitable -  The ultrasonic cleaner is sufficient for household cleaning jewelry, sunglasses, make-up brushes, shavers, waterproof watches, shaver heads, glasses, vegetables and more.

70W Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

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1x 70W Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner


Capacity: 6L

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I almost bought a standard type pot-style ultrasonic cleanser. I'm glad I stumbled across this thing, the reason why is you can use any container you want for your cleaning task. As the pot-type units get bigger, the more expensive they get. This thing you can drop it into whatever container you need to fit your items. It is very powerful at it's max setting. Be aware that you have 4 pre-programmed settings and that's it. The "silverware" setting is the most powerful, but you are limited to 230 seconds of run time. As you go down the power settings, you get a longer runtime, with 800 seconds the longest at lowest power. I'd rather have a power section and a time selection. So, if you have something really grungy, you have to keep going back and running it again.


I have not cleaned my jewelry in years, and wanted a way to get more dirt and chemicals off our fruits and vegetables, so I ordered this, and I'm so glad I did.

In all instances of fruits and vegetables cleaned so far (cucumber, strawberries, baby carrots supposedly already washed, blueberries, blackberries, apples) I was amazed at what this ultrasonic cleaner vibrated off - fine dust and likely pest spray floated in the water and made it a tad cloudy, and on some items, the top of the water seemed to have some oil. Most of the time I just use water, but I do have a natural veggie wash I will add, and I've added a tablespoon of baking soda.

As for jewelry, I was shocked to see how much shinier my wedding ring and earrings were after cleaning with just a little dishwashing soap. I used blue Dawn, and just a few drops. The water actually turned a little grey from some of my older jewelry.

This is easy to use, and comes with a storage bag to keep it in. The plug end is very large and takes up the entire outlet.

There are 4 presets that have less to do with the item it displays and more to do with the length of the washing cycle.

I believe you can change the ultrasonic wave frequency level between 50kHz~70kHz by pressing the grapes and the utensils symbols at the same time, but I have not tried this as I don't understand when or why you would want to, so until I go do some research, I'm leaving this feature alone.


This can be used in a bowl or a sink with some water to clean anything. I am using this in my kitchen for fruits and vegetables. I have a vegetable wash powder that I add to the water when using this and that helps too. I always rinse off before using this and I am shocked at how much is still left so I am glad to have this! The vibration on this is much stronger than my other tiny unit I use in the bath for toothbrush heads and it does work well for my purposes removing dirt that I never saw so I do feel better about eating the food. Actually, I was never worried about eating the food, but until this came along, I see that I should have been worried. The vibration/frequency of this unit is 70,000hz compared to most others that are 40,000. Actually, this unit is adjustable from 50-70,0000hz.

I have not done any laundering with this, although I will try just to see and add to this review. There may be people who travel and could use something like this in a hotel room for a few small items.

I tried this in the bathroom sink yesterday with a few small garments and some detergent. To me, it did not do anything more than soaking in the sink with some detergent would do. The laundry setting is 15 minutes and I did it twice. I do think that soaking is a good thing and I soak EVERY load of laundry I wash in an overnight soak before washing. That's just me being "extra" as my son says. I don't like this for laundry. Jewelry and fruits/veggies - Yes!


I never take off my Jewelry when I wash my hands or shower. I figured they would get clean while I got clean. I didn't know what to expect with this machine, but the results blew me away! I was disgusted by the fact that my jewelry, therefore my hands, neck and ears, were harboring so much grime. This machine is incredible! I was so excited about its cleaning power that I made a trip to my Mom's house just to clean her jewelry. Like me, she wasnot overjoyed, but just like me, once she saw the results she kept tossing her jewelry my way.


Ultrasonic cleaning is a great tool for cleaning literally anything with ultrasonic power. Its not for just jewelery, its great for anything; parts, tools, toys, clothes etc. Ive had a small tub ultrasonic cleaner for years and have depended on it all the time. However its biggest caveat was its size. Yes they make larger ultrasonic cleaners, but they are also incredibly expensive and bulky. This setup is a great alternative for ultrasonic cleaning in any container you own. Ive used it in salad bowls, glassware and yes even a 5 gallon bucket for washing some greasy car parts. Its super easy to use, just drop it in whatever container you have and toss in your parts! I was amazed at the ability to clean a greasy stuck carburetor in a 5 gallon bucket. The only negative I can think of is the timing setup. Unfortunately you cannot set it for extended periods of time with the longest being about 15 minutes. However thats generally long enough for most things. Only the nastiest of items need longer. I will admit I was apprehensive about this device as I didnt see how it could compare to its lager counter parts, but it works amazingly well, and easily stores away in a small satchel that comes with it when its done.

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