Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker

Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker

Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker

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Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker
Are you looking for a ice ball maker to enjoy a cold drink in style? Our Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker can make perfect ice balls or diamonds every time, without heating or using distilled water.

Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker


Safe To Use - The ice ball maker is made from robust and versatile silicone that is tasteless, chemical-free and BPA-free.

Suitable - Enhance the taste and quality of all your favorite drinks, great for chilling whiskeys, beers, frozen cold coffee, fruit juice, or lemonade. 

Easy To Operate - Just fill it with warm tap water, and our crystal clear ice ball maker will do the rest. Let it freeze for a few hours and open it to enjoy a cool frozen cocktail in style.

Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker

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1x Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker

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Customer Reviews

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I've seen products promising crystal balls of ice in the past for extremely high amounts of money, so I was very doubtful when I came across this. How in the heck could this be only $60 bucks and actually work? Well, it does. There are two little...bumps that are created on purpose due to the way the mold works - but I see those as very minor blemishes that can easily be chipped off manually if you're a perfectionist.

I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who is looking for a way to take their cocktails or liquors to a whole new level of presentation and enjoy


Very simple to use. Makes perfectly clear ice balls with hot tap water. No boiling, no filtering, no distilled water necessary. Just follow the instructions.

A little pricey, for what your get, but it works well. I really don't like the cloudy ice cubes that come out of my freezer for serving in cocktails. The ice balls definitely look a lot classier.

It takes 24-30 hours to make 2 ice balls... so be prepared to invest a couple of weeks of daily ice making if you intend to serve these to guests.

It works by slowing the freezing process... the water starts hot, and the mould is set in insulated foam, which further slows the process. The water that sits below the moulds
doesn't fully freeze, even after 30 hours (but the balls were frozen). I rushed the last batch and opened the mold after 21 hours to find that the balls weren't completely frozen.

If you have a little patience, and a couple of weeks advance notice, you can have a freezer full of ice balls for your next cocktail party.


I just unmolded my first ice balls using this maker. I used filtered water from the frig water dispenser, I microwaved it till it was very hot but not boiling. Poured it into the device and put it in the freezer. It was easy to unmold the ice balls and one is absolutely crystal clear and the other has only a few tiny bubbles in it. The Crystal-Clear Ice Ball Maker is easy to use and it does make crystal clear ice balls. I love it.

To the manufacturer, I have a suggestion: make a version that creates ice balls in the shape of the Star Wars Death Star. There are molds out there for that, but they are only that, molds.

This is well made, it works very well, and was worth the price of admission.


Works well and does just what it says it does. It takes a bit longer than I originally thought, but it isn't a problem as long as you think ahead. Takes 24-36 hours for two balls.

Not a big downside, but there is a lot of not clear ice left in the bottom of the device after making the ice balls. Had to run warm water over it until it melted enough to remove from the bottom of the mold.


What fun it is to make these. Very impressive in your glass. I was too anxious to see how the first ones would be and took them out before the 24 hr period. Just a small part wasn’t completely done. So, now I wait. Perfect! The only downside is taking the form out of the base. I’m not strong and my fingers are arthritic, so having another person hold a part is what I do. All-in-all, definitely worth the purchase. I wish you could purchase square molds to go with it instead of buying another unit.

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