Dog Barking Muzzle Mouth Guard

Dog Barking Muzzle Mouth Guard

Dog Barking Muzzle Mouth Guard

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Dog Barking Muzzle Mouth Guard
Are you looking for a mouth guard to keep your dogs from behaving aggressively? Our Dog Barking Muzzle Mouth Guard has been designed to balance optimum protection and comfort for your dog.

Dog Barking Muzzle Mouth Guard


Durable - Made of foldable non-toxic rubber, the dog muzzle is extremely rugged, durable and soft to touch.

Comfortable - The rubber basket design provides all-round protection to the mouth without causing any discomfort.

Design - Your dog can pant, drink and even be fed snacks through the muzzle due to the large gaps in the basket buzzle. This design allows optimum airflow in order to avoid overheating.

Dog Barking Muzzle Mouth Guard

Package Content

1x Dog Barking Muzzle Mouth Guard


Material: Silicone

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Customer Reviews

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I decided to buy it because my dog is kinda wild and unpredictable. First incident was a dam Chihuahua came out while I was walking my dog thats a pit bull, so he wanted to defend himself so I had to pull him and another lady had to help me, Second incident was I was walking my dog and these to ladies wanted to pet him,
I clearly said no but they were still coming up to him and he started growing and wanting to bit them, he clearly very protective and a very good guard dog but he’s unpredictable and for his safety and for others, it’s better safe than sorry. Also especially loose dogs in my neighborhood, I don’t want my dog taking the blame if he really injured or kills the other dog Be sure to
Watch a YouTube video to know how to teach your dog use to the muzzle and bribe them with many treats, For my dog it took 3 days, but he forgets it on when I’m walking him. Just have some patience:)


This muzzle has allowed a rescued German Shepherd a chance at a good life and a home where he can run and play with our other Shepherd. This muzzle allows him to be free in the house without worrying if he's chewing a table leg, the cord from our massage chair, shoes, or whatever else he can find. He is able to drink, pant, and take a small treat with this muzzle and even met our granddaughter for the first time tonight..


Absolute perfect fit for my 90 lb fear aggressive Cane Corso (size 4). Love the flexible material and loop to connect to collar. We have tried many different brands and styles and have FINALLY found the one! She can still pant, lick her chops, drink water & take treats etc.. with this on. I don't feel guilty having her wear a muzzle anymore in questionable situations. This is such a relief for both of us, thank you!


My 5yo labrador retriever wasn't well socialized as a pup, so he is very insecure around other dogs. My daughter got a puppy and the intro didn't go well. (He bit her!) I decided to slowly re-introduce them on once a week walks, with him wearing this muzzle. After 3 weekends of hour long walks and lots of sniffing and treats, I was able to get him to trust her dog and they are now BFF's!! Success.

It was easy to to get him used to the muzzle after I followed the training video the seller made. Once I figured out how to tighten and adjust all the straps properly, I was completely confident that this would work exactly as intended and everyone would be safe. Thank you for a wonderful product!!


I love the muzzle. It does the job up to the point of my dog can't bite a person now. She bit a very obscene drunk man that provoked her. She was protecting me. But a dog ran up to her and bit right through the muzzle at her nose. I had to replace it. I almost bought another kind. The hard plastic ones. This muzzle already irritates her snout. That as it should be because she isn't used to it. I've used it for a few months now. It's a great tool to calm my dog down as well. She understands now that there is no way that she can bit anything now.

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