Electric Clothes Drying Hanger

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Electric Clothes Drying Hanger

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Drying your clothes in a manner that keeps them easily accessible and safe from wrinkles and creasing is a dream come true for all homeowners. Dry all of your clothes, and various other bottoms comfortably in your laundry room, utilizing your space as efficiently as possible with our innovative rack, Electric Clothes Drying Rack!

Electric Clothes Drying Rack is here to help you dry and disinfect your clothes and a variety of textiles during dampcold, or rainy weather. You can hang your clothes in the rack so that your clothes will not wrinkle, just like using a steam iron. It's a high-end drying rack that's so much better than the common racks you'll find for drying your clothes and many more. It is made with high quality materials so it won't snag. Believe us, your clothes will thank you.


  • It quickly and safely dries your clothes right on the hanger because of its dual action hot and cold technology which is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to dry your delicate clothes.
  • Electric Clothes Drying Rack can also be used to dry your shoes, socks, and many more.
  • For easier and quicker drying of clothes, Electric Clothes Drying Rack is equipped with hot and cold technology. First comes the warm air at 50 ° - 60 °. After 3 hours, the clothes will automatically switch to the cold air state.
  • It can dry multiple clothes at the same time with a maximum load-carrying capacity of 5 kg.
  • With its lightweight and portable design, you can bring our Electric Clothes Drying Rack anytime, anywhere you want. It can be easily packed away in your suitcase.


1 x Drying Hanger
1 x Adapter Plug
1 x Instructional Manual
1 x Bag

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