Folding Shopping Cart With Wheels

folding grocery cart

Folding Shopping Cart With Wheels

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The Only Shopping Bag You Will Ever Need

Making a trip home with a full load of groceries seems impossible? Our Folding Shopping Cart will make strolls through your local store or market a breeze! With a huge 30L capacity you will be able to fit everything into one bag... that has wheels!

Thanks to the folding wheel design, you'll be able to easy change your carrying bag into a bag with wheels! Allowing you to protect your shoulders and your precious back.

When your weekly grocery haul is done and dusted, simply fold the shopping bag into your car boot for next time!


Convenient: Our foldable shopping cart can be carried anywhere with ease whilst compressed

Hidden Wheels: Can be folded and hidden when not being used

Durable & Washable: Made from high-quality oxford cloth to ensure longevity 


folding shopping cart


Material: Oxford Cloth

Folding Size: 28x18x4cm

Expanded Size: 28x18x47cm

Color: Blue

folding carts with wheels

Whats Included

1x Folding Shopping Cart With Wheels

folding shopping cart

Customer Reviews

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I'm a mum of 6 children so forever shopping, i have gone through 3 trolleys this year so far due to going up and down curbs and just heavy loads etc. i must say this trolly is far superior to the one i usually buy from argos litres is smaller but i can forgo that. is a must buy if you are getting heavy loads such as boxes of drinks etc wont let you down.


I am in my 70's and do all the shopping for the household. I have found recently that carrying bags full of shopping was becoming quite painfull. I visited Amazon looking for a trolley and came across this item. Oh what a relief, no more heavy bags. The thing that sold me was the wheels, big and fat, no wobbly thin things like most of the other offerings. I especially like the bottle holder for my bottle of juice that I carry all the time and the side holder which I fold and place my large shopping bag ( for lighter items ).
All in all as per the title, simply fantastic!!!


I've had this trolley through a couple of Canadian winters (and the rest of the year, but the winter is the really hard part) and it has done well. The wheels make it easier to get over curbs and uneven pavement, as well as through puddles and slush. It will fit in or under both styles of shopping cart at my local supermarket, though if I am putting it in the front part of the shorter style cart I have another modification: a small carabiner (also from the dollar store) that I loop around the drawstring and one of the cart's wires, to prevent tipping out of the cart. The trolley itself is fairly lightweight, and the handle is comfortable.

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