Portable Electric Clothes Shoe Dryer

Portable Electric Clothes Shoe Dryer

Portable Electric Clothes Shoe Dryer

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Portable Electric Clothes Shoe Dryer
Are you looking for a dryer that can be used to dry clothes and shoes? Our Portable Electric Clothes Shoe Dryer is ideal for damp, cold, rainy weather, to help you dry and disinfect your clothes, shoes and a wide range of textiles.

Portable Electric Clothes Shoe Dryer


Adjustable - The portable dryer has 2 modes of ventilation. Just press the power button to adjust the strength. Can be used for clothing, futons, shoe dryers, dust mite extermination, hot mats and more.

Portable - The clothes dryer is lightweight and easy to bring with you on-the-go. 

Portable Electric Clothes Shoe Dryer

Package Content

1x Portable Electric Clothes Shoe Dryer 
1x Power Cord
1x Display Base
1x VGA Cable
1x Manual


Power: 800W
Voltage: 220V
Weight: 0.81kg
Size: 15.50x43x6cm
Soft Pipe Length: 80cm 
Cable Length: 1.8meter

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International Shipping: The electric shoe dryer will be packaged and shipped within 5 days of order. We do ship worldwide! Please be patient and note that delivery times will vary depending on your location. Majority of countries will have the portable electric clothes shoe dryer delivered within 2 to 5 weeks!

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Customer Reviews

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We bought this to help dry out our son's goalkeeper gloves after practices & games, and it works better than we expected. In the summer his gloves get extremely wet on the inside from sweat and now they're easy to dry out. We would normally have to hang them up to dry and it would usually take overnight to do so. Now we can get them dried out in a couple of hours which is really important when he plays in multiple games a day. Last night he played in the rain and his shoes and gloves were soaked through and through. His shoes were totally dry this morning and then it only took us about 4 hours to get his gloves dried out - and they were extremely wet from all the rain. We just ordered another one so that we can now dry both his shoes and gloves at the same time. We would recommend this to anyone else that needs gloves of any type dried along with shoes or boots. We have used this on both 12 volts DC and on 120 volts AC - works the same on either. It's nice to be able to use it in our car in between games so that we can quickly dry out his soccer gear. If it was only 120 volts AC then that wouldn't be an option. The bottom line - it works as advertised and we are recommending it to the other soccer parents on our club.


Get these. I ski over 100 days a year. My ski boots are often soaked at the end of the day (mostly perspiration, especially on big backcountry days). I plug this into my car, insert in boots, listen for the gentle whirl. By morning, my ski boots are completely dry and I'm ready to hit it again!! These do put out a little beat of heat, but nothing to be concerned about with anything from ski boots to running shoes. Like I said, get these and always have dry boots.


I could probably use this on some sweaters, but that's not why I got this. I have a bra that pills terribly every single time I wash it and it drives me CRAZY. It's so frustrating. What looks like insignificant dots feels like a dang cactus rubbing my skin. It's gotten really bad because I haven't had anything to combat it. Que the sweater shaver.While this probably works on sweaters (I can't attest to that yet), I can say with the utmost confidence that this works on nursing bras. 🙌🙌


Here is what will happen if you buy this fabric shaver:
(1) You'll first use it with something you don't care about much in order to test it and make sure it doesn't damage the fabric
(2) You'll quickly move onto your favorite items that you've been wanting to de-pill
(3) You'll start examining every item of clothing looking for hidden pilling! (hint: check underarm areas)
(4) You'll bemoan the many, many items of clothing you've tossed in the past because they were too pilly to wear, because NOW you can fix them. Sad.

Buy this thing, it's GREAT. I kept meaning to take before & after pics, but once I started shaving I couldn't stop! It's terrific and so easy to use. Wish I'd had this ages ago.


When I opened the package, I was worried. It felt way too light weight to be effective. But I immediately took it out of the package and grabbed my power bank.

I had a burgundy slipcover on my couch I took it off a few days ago and nearly cried. My couch is less than a year old and the slipcover covered the couch in red pills. I lint rolled, vacuumed. Everything I could think of, but nothing helped.

I immediately hopped on Amazon and picked this fabric shaver.

It saved my poor couch. All the little red balls are gone!

It was easy to use. Just plug and go. It comes with an extra blade, a tiny brush to clean it, and a handy pouch for storage. Plus it’s so light weight, you can pack it easily. And never have to worry about batteries dying.

This is definitely a great buy.

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