Premium Hammock Cat Climb Tree Condo

Premium Hammock Cat Climb Tree Condo

Premium Hammock Cat Climb Tree Condo

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Premium Hammock Cat Climb Tree Condo
Are you looking for a climbing tree that will give your cats a comfortable fun experience? Our Premium Hammock Cat Climb Tree Condo provides a spacious area where cats can play and enjoy themselves.

Premium Hammock Cat Climb Tree Condo


Sturdy -  With its heavy-duty construction and elegant design, your cats can hop on and off this cat tree quickly and comfortably. Its attractive look will fit every room in your home!

Multifunctional - Cat condo for your cats to relax, sleep, basket, hammock and many platforms for your cats to stand and play. Our cat tree condo helps your cats to play and practice easily on our cat tree furniture.

Easy To Install - Easy to assemble with all materials included. Our cat condo allows your cats a bigger place to play and saves more space for you. This cat tree condo looks like a delicate gift, perfectly matching the other furniture in your home.

Premium Hammock Cat Climb Tree Condo

Package Content

1x Premium Hammock Cat Climb Tree Condo
1x Package Of Screws
1x Installation Instruction


Size: 80"
Weight: 37.1lbs / 16.85kg
Base Board: 23.6x23.6" / 60x60cm (LxW)
Viewing Platform: 11.8x11.8" / 30x30cm (LxW)
Doors Of Large Room: 9.1x8.7" / 23x22cm (WxH)
Door Of Small Room: 5.1x7.4" / 13x18.8cm (WxH)
Small Room:
11.8 x11.8 x9.8" / 30x30x25cm (LxWxH)
Material: Natural Sisal Rope & Soft Plush & Flakeboard
Large Room: 13.3x13.3x11.8" / 33.8x33.8x30cm (LxWxH)
Dimensions: 37.99x27.95x80" / 96.5x71x203cm (LxWxH)

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International Shipping: The hammock cat climb tree will be packaged and shipped within 5 days of order. We do ship worldwide! Please be patient and note that delivery times will vary depending on your location. Majority of countries will have the premium hammock cat climb tree condo delivered within 2 to 5 weeks!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

This is a great product. It is sturdy and great for full grown cats. I've bought ones in the past that are too flimsy, parts of them are not suitable for adult cats, and material is cheap quality. This one is not like that. All of this tree is functional and my cats loved it from the first day.


I bought a few cat trees for my feline friends and this was #3 of 3. The other ones I bought were a 72" tower by Go Pet Club (which my cats will barely even touch) and a small Feandrea cat tree (my cats' favorite until I bought the tower I am reviewing here).

This tower is DEFINITELY a winner! My cats are finally no longer walking all over my office desk and couch, and have a place where they belong. They love this tower and practically live on it. They chase each other up and down and it is quite sturdy!

I also love how the rope is thicker than the rope on the other towers I bought (Go Pet Club cheaped out the most on quality, for the record).

The only down side is that this thing took 3 hours to put together. The instructions were basically a small diagram and not very clear at all. I did not subtract any stars for that, though, since now that it's put together it was so worth it! I will only be buying this brand from now on.


It was recommended to be by a friend so I was expecting it to be nice. It far surpassed my expectations. Excellent quality and sturdiness. It looks even BETTER than it does in their advertising photos. The rope covered scratching poles are neatly covered. The covered perches are very nicely done. The perches that are above my eye level even had the bottom covered in the fabric so they would look smart. Picture instructions were simple, only needed the included allen wrench to put together. I put it together by myself in an hour. When I was done, I rubbed the surfaces with catnip. I put it near a window beside my couch so I could play with T'ai Ji while watching TV. He has been sleeping in the little house at night and in the day he likes to perch on the next to the highest perch so he can watch out the window. He loves to climb the poles and. as I said, it is very sturdy so I don't have to worry about him pulling it over on himself. It was far cheaper than trees of this quality in the pet stores.


I am very glad I bought this cat tree. It has lasted through the years pretty well. The biggest thing is the pole to the top tower is still very strong, even with my large cat climbing and jumping to/from it. My cat has clawed the posts fairly well and they are showing some signs of use, but still holding together fine.

The rope ladder didn't hold together that well, but he never uses it. There was one end that has come out. Some strong glue will fix that though. The overhanging bed is about the largest sign of use and the fabric around the metal ring is starting to break apart. My cat uses that a lot, so I am not surprised. I have vacuumed it about once a week, which I think has helped maintain it, but you really should just to keep it clean.

The only big issue I have had is it being a bit top heavy. I have a larger cat, so when he is jumping around, mostly on the top perch, it wobbles. I have a counter weight at the bottom of about 30 pounds (a box of 21 old 80-pin SCSI hard drives in their carriers), which has resolved that issue. Without that though, it would be unstable for my larger cat.

Overall, I would recommend this tree. My cat has loved it and it has lasted well over the years.


I researched Cat Trees for about 3 days and kept coming back to this one. Our 2 cats absolutely love it and so do their humans. It’s pretty sturdy, smothering I was concerned about. One of our cats is a bigger guy and it just wobbles a little bit when they both are actively playing on it. Nothing to be worried about however. They love the little toys that hang down and play with them all the time. I was surprised they haven’t torn them down yet with how crazy they get with them, but they are still in there.
We lost our oldest cats best friend a year ago, the 2 were adopted together, and he hasn’t been the same since. He went from a super playful, loving cat to being mopy and not wanting to be touched much and just changed his whole demeanor when our other cat passed away. Since we got this tree about 2 weeks ago, he is literally a whole new cat....after a year. He plays and lounges on this thing all the time. He now plays with our 8 month old kitten and he wants attention from us. It’s crazy! I don’t know if I can actually attribute it to this new fort of theirs, but the timing is right there!
We also really like the size. It’s big! But if you have multiple cats, and you have room for it, it’s perfect for them to play together or to have their own space when they want it.
There’s not much we don’t like about it. We talked about possibly attaching it to the wall one day. Just depends on how big our kitten gets. But for now, it’s just fine and it’s safe. I would definitely recommend this cat tree!

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