Solar Power Pool Ionizer Water Purifier

Solar Power Pool Ionizer Water Purifier

Solar Power Pool Ionizer Water Purifier

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Solar Power Pool Ionizer Water Purifier
Are you looking for a pool ionizer that kills algae and prevents them from returning? Our Solar Power Pool Ionizer Water Purifier floats in your pool and uses copper ionization to kill algae before it can form and take over your pool.

Solar Power Pool Ionizer Water Purifier


Safe To Use - It makes you enjoy your pool with no chemical smells and no damage. It can be used in-ground, over-ground, saltwater and chlorine pools. It's also safe for all finishes, including gypsum, pebble, quartz, tile and vinyl liners.

Saves Time And Money - Save money from pool operating costs for a combined annual savings greater than $900 per year. Unit is compatible with salt or chlorine in above-ground or in-ground pools.

Large Capacity - Each unit operates up to 22,000 gallons in optimum conditions. Two or more units may be required for shaded & screened pools or to reduce chlorine levels faster.

Solar Power Pool Ionizer Water Purifier

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1x Solar Power Pool Ionizer Water Purifier


Material: Plastic

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Customer Reviews

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I had a terrible time keeping the pool clean and tried all kinds of chlorine tabs and algeacide treatments but nothing lasted very long. I was amazed at how quickly this solar ionizer worked! I noticed the difference right away after only 1 day! I am so excited because the price was great compared to other similar products on the market. Great product!


Love this product... before always fighting algae, etc. Now I never get any problems. It's truly a miracle. Also, the use of chemicals has dropped. The local pool store won't push these as they lose money in the long run because they will sell less chemicals. Now if you have an issue in the beginning, you will need to shock the pool and kill the algae, then be sure your chemicals are balanced... once this is done...drop this in the pool and let it do it's thing.


This Is Why Pool Places Don't Sell Or Promote This Ionizer...... We Used To Spend $$$$$$$ On Pool Shock & Now We Just Use Tablets In The Skimmer & Floater... The Water Is Crystal Clear & NO MORE ALGAE!!! My Only Regret Is That I Didn't Discover This Earlier!!! ( Living In Tampa,FL.Algae Was A Continuous Problem,,NO MORE !!!!!!!!!) :)))))


I don't write many reviews but I do have to say about this works. Scrubbing green and especially black algae spots off are no fun but this thing, after about two weeks really kicked in and I never saw either algae again. AND...I even used less shock than I normally use. The chlorine tablet usage was about the same. I will say again though, be patient, it took about two weeks to really kick in to start working and in that time I continued to scrub what was there but once gone it never returned. I shook out the blue gunk about twice during the summer that the little basket under the device collects while doing its magic and the little LED to let me know when the chemicals in the pool has to be looked at burnt out (probably from the sun) but I have my pool figured out finally so I don't really need that. So, yes, I recommend this product and it will pay for itself with savings from chemicals not purchased and your back will appreciate not scrubbing off algae from the pool sides/floor.


Works well.
Too soon to give a long term report.

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