Stainless Steel TS8000 Welding Torch

Stainless Steel TS8000 Welding Torch

Stainless Steel TS8000 Welding Torch

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Stainless Steel TS8000 Welding Torch
Are you looking for a welding torch that can be used for heating applications? Our Stainless Steel TS8000 Welding Torch is extremely flammable and is primarily used for welding, sheet metal and other heat treatment applications.

Stainless Steel TS8000 Welding Torch


Safe To Use - Safety lock in order to avoid accidental ignition. The ignition lock button can be used on a continuous basis.

Adjustable - Adjustable flame control dial allows you to choose a suitable flame.

Application - Perfect for welding, brazing, heat treatment, bolt loosening, light welding, paint peeling, undercoat frying, roast steak and more.

Stainless Steel TS8000 Welding Torch

Package Content

1x Stainless Steel TS8000 Welding Torch


Safety: Child Safety Lock
Over 2372°F
Gas: American MAPP Cylinder
Material: Brass + Stainless Steel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I ordered this torch specifically for searing meat for sous-vide cooking but have ended up using it for everything. It’s great for any cooking applications, starting campfires and wood stoves, soldering piping, and lighting fireworks. It starts on the first trigger pull every time and the flame adjustment is precise. It also works with multiple fuels. It can burn much hotter than any other cooking or blowtorch I’ve ever used. I’ve very happy with it.
Pros: Incredibly hot flame for searing food
Multi fuel compatible
Cons: None yet


I was not disappointed when I tested this product. I've been using the sous vide cooking for a while now but I've always finished items with my oven's broiler which tends to also over cook my food in the process. But this wonderful creature is the answer to my prayers!

- Click start/light
- Trigger lock to keep torch lit without having to pull
- Doesn't expel gas until trigger is pulled
- Gas stops upon trigger release
- Perfect blue flame and very very hot. I melted a pop can in seconds.. just for fun lol

Thus far I haven't found any, but will update this review if I do.

Completely recommend this torch!


Well, I mainly got this for sous vide, but I have been using it on anything that I can. Melting butter, toasting bread, finishing eggs, and finally sous vide. It works fantastically and puts out a nice flame.
I've only used it with the large green propane camp gas canisters so far and it's performed well. I like that I have fuel options though should I need an alternative. A plus of using the camp gas is that they heavy base allows me to just stand the whole unit up for storage, rather than taking it apart or laying it down somewhere.
I'm sure I will find some other uses for this torch in the garage/workshop as well.


My old torch was a torch with an extension hose and shut-off valve, and; It requires an old-fashioned flint striker, I’ve been happy with it up until now. I ran out of MAPP gas mid project and borrowed a friend’s torch which happened to be the TS8000. Once I fired it up, I knew my old torch days were numbers.
My old torch required me to open the valve, light the torch and then reach down when done to shut it off. That’s usually fine, but there are time when you want to move something or pull out some more solder and all the time you have to deal with the lite torch in your hand ….. no more! The instant-on and off of this torch is awesome! And the flame burns SO much hotter than my previous torch; you can sweat a joint in a fraction of the time. So it faster, safer and more convenient; what more can you ask for? If you are looking for the best torch, just get this one, you will not be disappointed.


The "ultra-swirl" flame shaping sounds like a gimmick, but it really does work well. You get a nice, stable, consistent flame from max-heat all the way down to "barely there". Running off basic propane bottles works great for most jobs, but I can have a couple cans of MAP gas handy too if I need to get something really hot. The lock feature is a nice addition too. If you are intermittently using the torch while moving around, but want to keep it on a consistent setting, you just leave the valve at the desired setting and the lock will prevent accidentally releasing gas or starting up the torch. And the nearly all metal construction leaves little doubt this thing means business. I know professionals wear these out relatively quickly, but for my occasional hobby use I expect it to last for a number of years.

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