Training Device Anti Barking Silencer Tool

Training Device Anti Barking Silencer Tool

Training Device Anti Barking Silencer Tool

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Training Device Anti Barking Silencer Tool
Are you looking for a barking silencer tool that can help your dog stop the barking? Our Training Device Anti Barking Silence Tool prevents dogs from over-barking through ultrasound technology. 

Training Device Anti Barking Silencer Tool


Safe To Use - 100% safe for your dog, other pets, plants and of course you and your family. Ultrasound frequency is harmless to dogs and totally silent to the human ear. 

Built-in Microphone - The anti-barking device has a built-in sensitive microphone that detects when your dog is barking. The device then quickly lets out 8 seconds of noise in ultra-sound which quickly silences barking dogs. 

Easy To Install - With a 360 degree rotating ledge. it is easy to hang or install on bushes, walls or fences. Suitable for indoor use, for bars, hotels, courtyards, garages, residences and more.

Training Device Anti Barking Silencer Tool

Package Content

1x Training Device Anti Barking Silencer Tool
1x Charger Adapter
1x Wall Mounting Plate
2x Screw
1x User Manual


Material: ABS
Waterproof: Yes
Power Supply:
AC 9V 600mA
Mode 1:
Low Range (Up To 15feet)
Mode 2:
Medium Range (Up To 30feet)
Mode 3:
High Range (Up To 50feet)
Size: 9.3x6x11.4cm / 3.67x2.36x4.49inch
Power Supply:
9V Battery (Not Included)
Test Mode: Verify The Functioning Of The Speaker And Microphone

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I am extremely surprised at the positive results in getting my dog to stop her constant barking. She would bark when the neighbor across the street opens his car door, when children are outside playing in the neighborhood, the mailman delivering mail. All of that is when she is inside our house. If we let her out in the back yard she would bark non-stop while outside. The next door neighbors have not been real happy when we let her out at 11:30 PM and she starts barking. Upon receipt I decided to give Anti-Barking device a try. Her first visit to the backyard she started barking and I did one very short press with it mode II and she stopped barking and stopped running, after a few seconds she started to bark again and I gave another quick selection in Mode II I had to to zap the sound one more time while outside. I took her outside 2 or 3 more times on the 27th, each time requiring only 1 instance of issuing the sound command to get her to stop barking. The 28th she barked when I let her out first thing in the morning and another zap stopped the barking. Her next trip outside I picked up the device and clicked it to put it in mode II and she stopped barking before I had a chance to press the button for the sound. Since then I have only had to actually press the button for the sound one time. She has also quit barking at external sounds when she is in the house.


I've only had to use it twice so far but it gets the dogs attention and stops the unwanted behavior immediately. I use this on walks as protection for my 35lb dog who is wheelchair bound. There's a large aggressive dog in my neighborhood who constantly gets loose and has tried to go after him. This stops him in his tracks and stops my dog from antagonizing him! *This is definitely only for outdoor use as it too strong to use indoors*


I have 2 dogs that like to dig near the fence and chew on the fence to try and get to my neighbors dogs. I have tried so many other training devices and have had to return them all. Nothing worked until this!.

I saw it and thought, ok, I'll give it a go. I am absolutely amazed. This really works. I dont have to say anything or yell their names. I can just quietly sneak up and press it and immediately they react, turn and leave the fence line. Works great for excessive barking as well and any other type of correction. You don't even have to be close to your dog. You can use it from a far.

Tip, it works best if you point it in the direction of the dog. Still works if you just randomly press it without pointing but I find I get a better and faster response from the dogs when I point it in their direction.


This handheld device definitely grabs my dog's attention. When he barks, I press this and say stop. He looks at me then determines his next coarse of action. It's kinda funny. After a few days, if I just grabbed this device, his ears perked up. He's a stubborn boy. Device is easy to use: turn on, select one of 3 levels with light indicator. I turn off when not needed. It is silent, so only the dogs hear it. I will keep using for simple at home deterrents. But if my dogs get really riled, I would need something strong. My issue is remembering to carry it, so I try to keep in my pocket as I'm walking around the house. Looks like a remote control.


It seems to work on our puppy and close by neighbor barking dogs. Our puppy stood at attention and was distracted from what made her bark the first times we pressed the second button so it does do the job for the most part although sometimes she is very determined to keep on with what ever we are trying to correct be it either bitting playfully, chewing on something she shouldn't, or barking. But we will keep at it with determination as she is a puppy and still learning. I would recommend buying from this seller.

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