Ultra-Slim Toilet Bidet Attachment

Ultra-Slim Toilet Bidet Attachment

Ultra-Slim Toilet Bidet Attachment

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Ultra-Slim Toilet Bidet Attachment
Are you looking for a toilet bidet that can conveniently be used by anyone? Our Ultra-Slim Toilet Bidet Attachment is appropriate for all ages, has retractable nozzles to provide dual protection and optimum cleanliness.

Ultra-Slim Toilet Bidet Attachment


Easy To Use - Easily adjust the water pressure by twisting the knob. The nozzle moves down while in operation and quickly retracts when not in use. Secure the nozzle to the fullest degree possible and ensure that the cleaning conditions are maintained during use.

Environmentally Conscious - Long-term use of toilet paper is not a fundamental solution to the issue deforestation. The bidet offers a solution to replace toilet paper. 

Ultra-Slim Toilet Bidet Attachment

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1x Ultra-Slim Toilet Bidet Attachment


Material: ABS
1.72 pounds
Tee Connector Size:

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Customer Reviews

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This product was installed within 30 minutes with a screw driver and a adjustable wrench. We have multiple bathrooms and I had previously installed a Neo 185 in the master. My delighted wife asked for another in the guest bathroom.
The parts are of good quality and it plumbed up tightly with no leaks. One note I have for the manufacturer is that the supplied line that connects the control to the water inlet should be at least 10” shorter. I will replace this myself, later.
Performance-wise, this unit works well. The difference between it and the Neo is that you cannot mix the two jets. This is a very good value for the price.


I didnt know I'd love this so much. I can never go to the bathroom not at home now. And I can never go back to not using a bidet. Much more sanitary and much less paper use.
Good pressure range. Its gentle even on the highest pressure, which shoots directly into your B hole for a GOOD cleaning. I fully tested it. And good pressure for the lady wash. I had to sit a little forward for a GOOD lady wash but no big deal.
Idk why people are saying theres warm water? It uses the water right from the pipes so it's cool tap water. Cool water temp didnt phase me for the butt wash or lady wash, didnt notice it even. In summer I think this will be extra refreshing. Highly recommend for a whistling clean b hole and vajay.
Didnt spray water everywhere and it didnt need to be adjusted. Good, quality product for the money. Fit the toilet perfect.


I found as a single parent that with my teenage son the installation of this product was easy peasy; not much to it, and it took no more than 15 minutes to get set up (just in time for me to give it a trial run). You definitely have to go slow with turning up the pressure adjustment knob! The cold blast was not that difficult to handle. Toilet tissue isn’t the best way to dry off when you get that wet, so if you want to save on toilet tissue and pamper yourself at the same time, you may opt to use small face towels to dry off. I found a twelve-pack (multicolored assortment) at Walmart that costs only $3.97. As others have indicated, having a small receptacle for the used towels in the bathroom would be handy. I have an idea to maybe put up some family member command hooks on the side wall for hanging up the rag-towels. Color coded towels for different family members to “keep law and order.” The bidet handle gives the toilet a space ship look. “Anyone want to take a ride on the master blaster?” 🚀

UPDATE: We’ve run into a problem. The
water is aiming from the back of the toilet and doing its job; however it’s also shooting straight past our nether regions through the space between the toilet bowl and the toilet seat, and onto our clothing

UPDATE: I have figured out that by simply moving our bodies forward on the seat so that there is a “total eclipse” between the stream and the front edge of the bowl, the stream doesn’t shoot past the target, and thus clothes do not get wet. Problem solved!


I waited a few weeks to write this so I was sure of my review. At first, I wasn't so sure about if I liked it enough to ignore that it lifts my seat up and that visually bothers me. I am sure there is a way around it somehow. It takes getting used to, but for females it hits the spot perfectly that you need it to. But the #1 reason I am keeping it because it keeps your anus cleaner than with wipes or t-paper. I notice a difference if I don't use it, so I use it daily now for that area. I also use the biodegradable cucumber wipes Amazon sells to dry off for that extra clean feeling. 😁 Costco sells a bidet seat for $350.00, so this is totally worth it! I did replace my tube at Home Depot for a few bucks so it all was new and didn't leak. Use the floss stuff and only hand tighten! I had to adjust a bit to make sure it didn't leak. ❤ it.


This product is low in cost & works great. I looked at a number of add on Bidet devices & this one caught my eye for being very thin & therefore not dramatically elevating the toilet seat . It was easy to install but the instructions could be a little clearer on use of 3 bumpers & the rubber grommet. Be sure to watch the video for the grommet installation. I discarded the bumpers. Couldn't find a needed for them. My other concerns were accuracy of the water stream, drying & cold water that some other reviewers mentioned. The water stream location is perfectly on target & need for drying is minimal because of that. Water temperature was no issue at all. For me, the twist feature is much easier to use than the button models.

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